Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

Look at the extent to which communities are suffering from stronger and more frequent storms. Tornadoes, high winds, and hail are just a few reasons why you’ll need our services.

Storm damage

Some storms are more damaging and obvious than others. Floods and tornadoes cause obvious and catastrophic damage to homes and communities.

Hail storms with large hail stones are obvious, too, but smaller sized hail and high winds can cause damage that is equally important to repair, but often goes unnoticed. 

Knowledge is power

We have been helping homeowners assess and identify storm damage for more than a decade. It comes down to experience. The more we see, the easier it is for us to uncover storm damage on your home. 

Whether it’s identifying damage to roofs, siding, windows, gutters, gutter guards, or fixtures, we have been on the front lines helping homeowners survey and protect their homes.

Money in the bank

Knowing the difference between wear and tear and storm damage can mean the difference between you shelling out thousands of dollars for repair work or simply filing a claim with your insurance carrier and paying your homeowner’s deductible.

We're laser focused

Once we identify storm damage, we go into inspector mode, looking for anything that could have been impacted. 

Our job at that point is to help you identify and uncover any damage so that you can get your home put back together better than it was when we arrived.

Found money

Our clients are often unaware that they have storm damage on their homes. Working at least 8 hours a day, with their kids at school and participating in after-school activities, they’re oblivious to what happened when they were away from home or asleep.

Anytime we can help you get a new roof, gutters and gutter guards for the cost of a deductible, it’s a good day!

Insurance claims representation is key

Homeowners who take it upon themselves to act as their own general contractors shortchange themselves. 

Insurance companies are savvy and most homeowners don’t understand the games they play to underpay their claims.

Working with a seasoned professional is key to maximizing the value of your claim, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses, and restoring your home.

Your insurance interface

After we identify storm damage, we’ll photograph it, write up a report that you can use to file your claim, and act as your liaison between the insurance carrier and you.

Whether that’s meeting with the insurance adjuster to be a second set of eyes, negotiating a tough claim, or simply making sure you get what you deserve, we’re here to help you every step of the way through the claims and restoration process.

Our interests are your interests

We have seen the damage and devastation that storms cause to homes. We have also seen the results from shoddy contractors who put their interests ahead of their customers. 

Working with a contractor who has your interests at heart is paramount in any situation, but even more so with insurance claims. Making sure your home is fixed properly, to code, and with high quality materials are just a few of the ways we stand out.

Storm damage and insurance claims specialists

  • Roofs, gutters, gutter guards, siding, windows and fixtures
  • We have managed claims from Michigan to Mississippi 
  • More than a decade helping homeowners navigate the process
  • Only top brand name replacement materials used
  • Products and services are guaranteed to offer peace of mind

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