About Gutter Guards Direct

Where we began. Where we are.

I bought my first home in 1992. It was a modest, 3-bedroom Cape Cod. There were several large Maple trees in my yard, and a neighbor’s yard, that dumped helicopters, whirlybirds and leaves into my gutters every spring and fall.

Coincidently, I had a friend who invented and patented a gutter guard, so I asked him if I could buy his gutter guards to install on my house. The gutter guards worked so well that in 1996 I launched a website, GutterGuard.com, to sell gutter guards to homeowners across the U.S.

What started as my own DIY project evolved into a career.

Having personally spent thousands of hours in the gutter working on virtually every type of gutter and water issue, my Gutter Guards Direct team and I are uniquely qualified to help you solve your gutter and water problems.

We have sold and installed most styles of gutter guards, including micro mesh, solid gutter covers and perforated aluminum screens. We have represented LeafFilter, LeafSolution, MasterShield, MicroScreen, Gutter Guard, Gutter Rx, LeaFree and more. We have also removed gutter guards that failed to live up to their hype and performance promises. These include LeafGuard, Gutter Helmet, Gutter Guardian, LeafFilter, GutterGlove, Leaf Relief, and several contractor grade and DIY gutter screens.

Simply stated, we know the pros and cons of most gutter guards on the market today. We know what works and what doesn’t work!

Between our decades of experience, solid understanding of the products available in the marketplace, and our consultative approach that allows us to uncover and solve the issues you’re having with your gutters, we are able to offer products and services that are second to none and, most importantly, work over time.

Gutter Guards Direct has solved countless problems by installing gutter guards, gutters and roofs on thousands of homes and businesses from Michigan to Mississippi.

As our tagline says, if you’re ready to “eliminate a seasonal chore for a lifetime,” let’s connect.  We’d be honored to have your join our family of satisfied clients.


Johnathan Skardon