LeaFree Gutter Guard

LeaFree is an effective solid gutter guard that keeps out leaves and debris, squirrels and birds

Reliable performance

LeaFree Gutter Guard handles any rainfall ever recorded. Specialized patent pending inside miters and high water flow panels are available for areas where water flow is extreme.

Nose forward design

LeaFree’s nose extends past the gutter lip, allowing water to follow the curve of the hood and flow into the gutter, while leaves and debris are effectively washed away.

Heavy duty, all aluminum gutter guard

LeaFree is made of heavy-duty .024 gauge aluminum and includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike plastic, aluminum will not warp or distort over time, so it will provide better overall performance and maintain it’s attractive appearance.

Attractive appearance

LeaFree is designed to slide under the shingles and sits relatively low on the gutter. The low profile design enhances the look of your home, blends in with your roofline, and creates a uniform appearance across your home.

LeaFree is available in 15 colors + copper to match the most popular gutter and shingle colors!

Preset water channels

By maintaining a constant opening without the need for hangers or brackets, LeaFree will retain a high-end look and keep water flowing into your gutters with standard and high-flow versions.

It also provides a second line defense against water with weep holes across the panel to ensure that water doesn’t wick-up under the singles and behind the fascia boards.

Installs without hangers or brackets

LeaFree installs under the first course of shingles and secures to the gutter lip with sheet metal screws. Since it doesn’t require brackets, it’s easier to install and more reliable over time. 

Why homeowners choose LeaFree?

  • LeaFree is an affordable alternative to LeafGuard and GutterHelmet
  • It has a seamless and uniform appearance
  • It fits on existing 5″ & 6″ gutters
  • LeaFree is available in 15 colors + copper to match the most popular gutter and shingle colors.

We install. You install. Pick one.

If you’re a homeowner, contractor, or do-it-yourselfer who is looking for an effective gutter protection system, LeaFree is a reliable and affordable alternative to GutterHelmet and LeafGuard. We install LeaFree regionally and ship nationwide.

Why LeaFree? One look and you'll know why!


Need some inspiration? 

LeaFree is available in 15 colors + copper and fits most 5 inch and 6″ gutters. Check out our photos below to see LeaFree in action!