leafree gutter guard with installed on 6 in gutters
Is LeaFree made from aluminum or plastic?

LeaFree is made of heavy-duty .024 gauge aluminum and includes a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike plastic, aluminum will not warp or distort over time, so it will provide better overall performance and maintain it’s attractive appearance.

Can squirrels or birds enter gutters and build nests?

No, LeaFree is made of .024 gauge aluminum and cannot be chewed through. The opening at the front of the panels is too small for squirrels and birds to enter the gutters.

Is LeaFree nailed or screwed into the roof or fascia?

No, LeaFree secures under the first row of shingles and is attached to the lip of the gutter with stainless steel screws.

Will LeaFree install over my existing gutters?

Yes, it is designed to install on existing 5″ & 6″ gutters!

Will LeaFree change the appearance of my house?

For the better, we believe. LeaFree is designed to slide under the shingles and sits relatively low on the gutter. The low profile design enhances the look of your home, blends in with your roofline, and creates a uniform appearance across your home.

LeaFree is available in 15 colors + copper to match the most popular gutter and shingle colors!

How much will the LeaFree gutter protection system cost?

If you are interested in purchasing LeaFree to install yourself, email us or call us toll free at 1-800-750-2131.

If you want to have LeaFree professionally installed on your home, the cost is determined by several factors. For information, email us or call us toll free at 1-800-750-2131.

Will LeaFree prevent ice dams?

Ice dams are caused by poor insulation and ventilation in a home’s attic. LeaFree will neither prevent nor cause ice dams. LeaFree will help reduce the amount of snow and ice build-up in your gutters that cause gutter seams to split, hangers to loosen, and gutters to pull off the house.

Will I have to clean or maintain my LeaFree system?

Maintenance on your system may be little to none at all. Like all exterior products on your home, LeaFree will get dirty over time. If you notice a build up of dirt or debris on your system, simply rinse it off with a high pressure nozzle on your garden hose.