Why Gutter Guards Direct?

Experience and Knowledge. 
(We have lots of it!)

Few gutter protection companies have more experience and knowledge solving gutter and water problems than Gutter Guards Direct. Our founder, Johnathan Skardon, started selling gutter guards, out of his garage, in 1996. With nearly 25-years experience helping homeowners and businesses, from Michigan to Mississippi, solve gutter and water problems, we have seen all there is to see, and we have fixed virtually every problem there is to fix.

(We believe in it!)

If you went to a corner car lot to buy a car and you had the choice of just one make and model of car, would you buy it?

Probably not! 

You’d likely take off and visit car dealerships that offer several models from the same brand — say Toyota, Honda or Chevrolet. Perhaps you’d visit an auto dealer like CarMax that offers many car brands and models on the same lot. 

We apply the same logic to gutter guards. Choosing from one brand and 1 model of gutter guard isn’t the best way to buy gutter guards.

The best way to buy gutter guards is to look at various types of guards. Why? Because different gutter guards have different applications. What may work for your neighbor may not work for you, so looking at several gutter guard systems is the only way to make an educated and informed decision. 

Instead of forcing one gutter guard to fit every scenario, like most dealers do, Gutter Guards Direct offers a variety of gutter guards that covers every scenario. 

Equally important to not settling for one type of gutter guard is working with a dealer who has tested many of the gutter guards on the market and narrowed the list down to a handful of very good options. This would be like working with an independent insurance agent who selects policies from a pool of 10, 20, or even 30 insurance carriers, and presents you with the best options.

You’ll get the best solution. It may save money. And it makes sense!

That’s exactly what we have done. We have searched for, tested, and selected the best gutter protection systems, and made those available. Gutter Guards Direct offers the latest-and-greatest micro mesh gutter protection systems, solid gutter covers, and perforated aluminum gutter guards. All of our gutter protection systems are made from high quality aluminum, and include no-clog warranties that provide trouble-free performance and peace of mind.

So when that gutter guard dealer shows up with just 1 gutter guard — you know, the BEST one — make sure to keep looking until you have seen enough gutter guards from different brands, or located a dealer, like Gutter Guards Direct, who offers a selection of gutter guards for every type of tree, home and gutter scenario.

Holistic, Consultative Analysis
(It's the best way!)

Once you have determined that it’s important to pick an experienced company that offers a variety of gutter protection systems, the next thing to consider is how to pick the proper gutter guard for your home. Since we offer a variety of gutter guards, we look at things a bit differently.

Our job is to assess your situation. That means we’ll talk with you first to get an understanding about what is and isn’t working. We’ll look at the trees in your yard, your neighbors’ yards, and along any lot lines. We’ll note your home’s design, roof style and shingle type. We’ll inspect your gutters and downspouts, too, to see how (or if) they drain away from your house. We’ll look for any irregularities and issues that are currently giving you problems. 

Once we’re finished with our assessment, we’ll talk with you again. We’ll show you a variety of options and make recommendations based on our findings and your input. 

By the time we’re finished talking, you’ll understand the gutter guard market, and you’ll be able to make an informed choice. Any confusion you experienced during your search should be a thing of the past, and we’ll help you pick the best gutter guard solution for your home based on what you need and what will perform best over time!


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