MicroScreen US Patented Design

The innovative one-piece aluminum frame features a factory-integrated stainless steel micro mesh screen that provides rigidity and durability to withstand the elements. MicroScreen US’s drip-edge technology prevents water from wicking behind gutters, which otherwise causes wood rot on fascia boards and roof decking.

Maintenance and Hassle Free

The self-cleaning stainless steel micro mesh screen is small enough to shed leaves and debris yet large enough to handle the heaviest rainfall.

Easy Installation

MicroScreen US will attach to most conventional 5″ and 6″ gutters. It slides under the first course of shingles and secures to the front lip of the gutter with self-tapping 1/2″ zip screws.

Attractive Appearance

MicroScreen US uses the natural slope of your roof and gutter to fit snugly into place. Its attractive, low-profile design blends in well with the gutters and is virtually invisible from the ground.

Exceptional Performance

MicroScreen gutter guards are among the top-rated gutter protection systems, outperforming virtually ever other gutter guard on the market. MicroScreen consistently sheds leaves and debris, including pine needles, oak tassels and maple seeds, keeping the gutters and downspouts clog-free. Plus it stands up to heavy snow and ice loads.

Lifetime No-Clog Warranty

MicroScreen includes a best-in-class Lifetime No-Clog Warranty.