LeafLock distinguishes itself by offering many of the same features and benefits as top-of-the-line gutter guards at a budget-friendly price

Patented micro mesh technology

LeafLock’s patented design blends performance and versatility that is rarely found in today’s gutter protection systems. It’s all-screen design maximizes the area into which water can flow — making it one of the top performers on the market!

leaflock gutter guard close up wet with debris on top of the screen
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Larger screen maximizes water flow

LeafLock’s screen surface area is about 33% larger than comparable micro mesh gutter guards from LeafFilter, GutterGlove and MasterShield.

An enlarged screen opening maximizes water flow. LeafLock gutter guard handles virtually all the water that it encounters, which is especially important if you have valleys, a steep roof pitch or a metal roof.

Effectively sheds leaves and debris

LeafLock’s forward slope is sufficient enough to prevent leaves and debris from collecting on the screen surface while keeping leaves, oak tassels and most pine needles out of your gutters.

LeafLock is an “open framework” gutter cover. Air circulates around the gutter guard, quickly drying any leaves and debris that are sitting on the screen; allowing it to blow to the ground below.

leaflock Gutter Guard end view across gutters
LeafLock gutter guard close up extending under the shingles

Installs in the gutter or under shingles

LeafLock secures to the front gutter lip and the fascia boards, strengthening and reinforcing your gutters, when installed within the gutters. 

It can be configured to install under the shingles, creating a forward slope that is consistent with the roof line. 

LeafLock just works

LeafLock works with any roof type, including asphalt shingle, metal, tile, slate, TPO and EPDM roof systems.

Plus it fully encapsulates your gutters, keeping birds, squirrels, bees and mosquitoes from nesting and breeding inside gutters.

leaflock Gutter Guard installed on new 6 inch gutters
leaflock installed on garage and front of home gutters

More facts

  • LeafLock consists of a ribbed stainless steel micro mesh screen that is encapsulated by an aluminum framework
  • Fits 5″ and 6-inch gutters
  • Available in 4-foot long panels
  • Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable

25-year no clog warranty

LeafLock includes a 25-year no clog warranty. 

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Simplicity of design is just one of the things we love about LeafLock. That and it just works. See for yourself what LeafLock gutter guards can do for you!