What is the best gutter guard 
(for you)?

The only way to determine what is the best gutter guard for you is to look around your home. What types of trees do you have? How close are the trees to your home? How big are your gutters? What type of roof surface do you have, and how steep is it? 

These are just a few of the factors you’ll want to consider before buying gutter guards.

Sure, some gutter guards are better than others, but what you need to solve your gutter problem may not be the same as what your neighbor, friend or relative needs. The best way to determine what is “best” is to have a professional assess your gutters, downspouts, and the trees in your yard. 

Check out our gutter guards below to get more information, and then get in touch for your free, no obligation estimate.



MasterShield is the ultimate gutter protection system. It has a patented, copper-infused micro mesh stainless steel screen crimped over an aluminum frame. It is designed to keep out all leaves and debris, including shingle granules. The copper and stainless screen prevents the build-up of algae, moss and lichen that has been known to grow on other micro mesh screens.

leaflock Gutter Guard installed on 5 inch gutters


LeafLock is an aluminum and stainless steel micro mesh gutter guard. It can be installed within the gutters or under the first course of roof shingles. The openings in the screen are wider than MasterShield, so it is especially useful on homes with valleys, metal, slate and tile roofs where capturing large volumes of water and installing it within the gutter are required.

gutter rx gutter guard with water dripping onto the surface

Gutter Rx

Gutter Rx is an effective gutter guard that is more economical than micro mesh and solid surface gutter guards. It has a series of holes that are drilled into its wavy surface. It can be installed within the gutter or under the shingles to get a better forward slope, and it will keep out most leaves and seeds. It is ideal for homes where trees are not directly overhanging the house.


LeaFree is a solid aluminum gutter cover that fits over existing 5-inch and 6″ gutters. The panels slide under the first course of shingles and attach to the gutter lip with sheet metal screws. LeaFree is available in standard and hi-flow versions. It keeps out most leaves and has an interlocking panel system to provide a seamless look. It is available in 15 colors + copper to match gutters and roof shingles.

gutter guard solid gutter cover installed on 5 inch gutters

Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard is a solid aluminum gutter cover that uses a patented, proprietary bracket to float within the the gutter. Each panel installs under the second course of shingles — like Gutter Helmet — and secures to the internal bracket system that reinforces existing gutters. It fits 5″ and 6-inch gutters, and its nose forward design and fixed opening keeps most leaves out of gutters.

amerimax home products gutter guards strainers 86270bx

DIY Gutter Guards

DIY gutter guards are available at most home improvement centers and hardwares stores. These take the shape of plastic and metal diamond pattern screens and foam inserts. While cheaper than professionally installed gutter guards, DIY gutter guards can be difficult to install properly and are typically a “Band Aid” that will fail to keep your gutters free of leaves and debris.