How Gutter Rx Works

Gutter Rx installs within the gutter and can either be positioned flat or at an angle to help shed debris.

Gutter Rx is compatible with any roof style, including asphalt and wood shake shingles, clay tile, slate, standing seam metal and rubber roofing surfaces.

Gutter Rx easily secures to the gutters and facia with sheet metal screws. This allows the gutter guards to withstand the weight of debris, snow and ice on its surface.

The wavy surface makes GutterRx self-cleaning by promoting air flow. Dry debris blows off the system with a gentle breeze.

Gutter Rx is a low profile gutter protection system that is virtually invisible from the ground.

Gutter Rx is a perforated aluminum screen that encloses the gutters, so birds, squirrels, and insects will have no interest in nesting in the gutters.

GutterRx is available in white and dark bronze and most fits 5 inch and 6″ gutters.